New Role with Nature in the City

New Role with Nature in the City

Hello Everyone!

Pleased to announce that I’ve accepted the position of Executive Director of Nature in the City beginning March 2013.

Plans: Start modestly with Nature in the City and get my hands dirty with our flagship project, the Green Hairstreak Corridoor. The project is alive and flourishing with an expanding population of the nickel-sized iridescent Green Hairstreak butterfly (Callophrys dumetorum). The project was initiated by Liam O’Brien in 2006 when he brought the project to Nature in the City. The ongoing success of the project is due to countless staff hours, walks during the butterfly’s spring flight, and most importantly, a committed group of neighborhood stewards. This project is a success because of your hundreds of hours spent tending plants, weeding and building community around the project. These stewards, in partnership with San Francisco’s Street Parks Program are transforming the publicly-owned medians and open spaces of this Inner Sunset neighborhood into upland dune habitat for the butterfly – larval food plants and adult nectar resources – amidst associated plants.

The nearby rocky outcrops and hilltop parks are managed by San Francisco Rec. & Parks Department Natural Areas Program. These spaces, and now the newly stewarded habitat patches, serve as seed banks, where seeds are gathered, planted and raised by volunteers with the Backyard Native Plant Nursery Network.

Priorities: Install additional signs along the Green Hairstreak Corridor, welcome new stewards, and prepare their sites for planting. Use art as a public awareness tool. Check this proposal out: Hairstreak Hedgerow is a public artwork, that by reductive cleaning using only stencils and water we can recreate the butterfly and its habitat in silhouette along the 20′ high retaining walls throughout the Corridor. Let me know if you know of a funder for this!

Looking forward to celebrating this new role with you. Please join me and the Green Hairstreak Corridor volunteers for our next workday, Saturday March 16th from 10am to noon. Stay tuned to the Calendar for location details.