Art Ecology, Nature in the City, and Habitat Gardens!

Art Ecology, Nature in the City, and Habitat Gardens!

Midsummer greetings. Thank you for being part of my community! So many have inspired, motivated and touched my work. You have participated in public projects: “Tigers on Market Street“, “Mission Greenbelt“, “Art on BART“, “100 Performances for the Hole”, “Reclaim Market Street“, and “Park(ing) Day” to name a few. My obsession with urban life and natural networks is a continual source for inspired motivation.

Please take a look at my newly designed website to see what’s new, follow and make some blog comments and take note of upcoming events like butterfly counts, weed walks, and volunteer garden workdays.

Fitting in quite seamlessly, is a garden design, installation and maintenance business, which has been growing over the past five or so years. The work provides necessary time outdoors, working with wonderful people to create habitat sanctuaries. The grand array of life forms – from wild pollinators, butterflies and songbirds, to salamanders, frogs and more – are supported by careful plant selection, light watering, and gentle maintenance. Please send intrepid gardeners my way, and check out some of my recent work.

Join me, and notice the daily interactions with nature – from the most generous San Francisco public Parklet and Sidewalk Garden programs to our remnant dune, hilltop grassland, bayshore wetland, and oak woodland habitats – the ebb and flow human locomotion, birdsong in the urban canopy, the spread of spring wildflower seed, annual grasses growing hip-high, and the Western Tiger Swallowtail gliding, following pheromone trails up Market Street – all in combination, these create our shared natural heritage and connect us even more to what we are.

Also, I’m thrilled inform you of my new post as Executive Director of Nature in the City, a San Francisco non-profit dedicated to building community, nature study, advocacy, and education. I am excited for Nature in the City to host eco-literacy courses like butterfly rearing 101 training, urban nature hikes, and discussions on everything from the complexities invasive species to conservation and habitat preservation to the urban behavioral adaptations for insects and birds. Rambunctious nature!

Anyone who wishes to support Nature in the City, please join us now! If you’d like to stay tuned about upcoming volunteer activities, walks, discussions, and workshops, sign up for our newsletter, like us on Facebook, or sign up for our meetup group.

Many thanks for reading. Please be in touch, and tell me your Nature in the City stories.