Renaming Bush St.

Renaming Bush Street is an artwork that incorporated conducting a survey over four days at four locations on Bush Street in San Francisco. Playing off the name Bush Street and its possible identifications with our 41st and 43rd Presidents, the survey recorded the reactions of passersby to the name Bush Street. The survey was purposely framed by the highly controversial Bush presidencies to elicit impassioned responses. These responses, or lack thereof, reveal some examples of how a cross section of San Franciscans relate to history, politics and cultural ideology.

This project is part of Pathogeographies (Or, Other People’s Baggage) a project of Feel Tank Chicago.

Renaming Bush Street is a collaboration between Amber Hasselbring, Eric Savage & Jerome Grand

Renaming Bush Street in book format is available for sale or may be downloaded for free at www.lulu.comBushPostcardFinal renamingbushstcard