I Stand

A public artwork intended to amass a thinking conversing group of people at the intersection of 5th and Market Streets, San Francisco. From sunrise to sunset, I stood at this location and made available markers and adhesive labels, printed I STAND. With markers and labels, participants wrote something they were willing to pronounce to passers by. They wore their labels, signed into a guest book and they stood with me; some people held vigil for five minutes, others stayed for hours.

SUCCESSES Groupings of people talking about their lives—the thing they do, a certain specialty, a show and tell and a sharing of thoughts. Out of the ordinary cluster of people patiently watching the passing day.

WEAKNESSES Friends and supporters chilled by the windy November day. Semi-coherent people and drug trafficking created possible dangers for participants and myself. Participants witnessed a man being beaten in the street, he failed to move for the 5 minutes before the ambulance arrived, when the ambulance arrived, we saw the man regain consciousness.