Reclaim Market Street


Saturday October 8, 2012 ‘Urban Hedgerow’, UN Plaza (Market St. & 7th at the fountain)

Reclaim Market Street! was truly remarkable with 10-foot tall redwoods, hay bales, plants for insects and birds, moss packed into the cracks and many conversations about weaving habitat for songbirds and pollinators into San Francisco’s parks, backyards, rooftops and public space.

Thanks to SPUR and the Studio for Urban Projects for sponsoring the event, to everyone who came out and especially to my collaborators: Bay Natives, Natures Acres, Lisa Lee Benjamin, Moose Curtis, Tim Armstrong, Colleen Smith, Constantine Konstantakis and volunteers!

Email me for future events to help imagine, build and play! Let us create wild, green veins throughout San Francisco made of shrubs & trees, sidewalk gardens, wetlands, and day-lighted stream corridors — thoroughfares for songbirds, pollinators and other urban wildlife.