Mission Greenbelt

smlogoThe Mission Greenbelt Project works with San Francisco residents to build a public artwork of sidewalk gardens connecting the city’s street trees, existing sidewalk gardens, backyards and vacant lots.

The project’s goals are: to create more habitat and forage for area birds and insects, and to collect rainwater, which is otherwise diverted into San Francisco’s combined sewage treatment system. And this system overflows regularly into SF Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

The Mission Greenbelt Project is part of a network of people working to…
1. Encourage biodiversity (Nature in the City) & (Urban Hedgerow).
2. Grow & distribute fresh food (Free Farm Stand) & (Produce to the People).
3. Improve public space (PlantSF), Mission Roots, (Guerrero Street Greening), (Livable City) & many others.
4. Enjoy San Francisco’s natural & cultural legacy (Hill Babies Blog).